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PUMA evoPOWER Vigor 1 Is Here!

PUMA really have started the new year with a bang! The scorpion kicking French front man will surely pull some more magic out of that beautifully groomed beard in these beauties!

Self Indulgence 101

Ah the grey gloomy, wet and miserable January weather is back! Can you really blame anyone for getting tired of the British weather? Probably not, unless your name is Dimitri or Diego we guess...

The Chosen Ones

Sunday's result would have been celebrated louder in London than in either Merseyside or Manchester, but the two giants of English Football look to be awakinging once more.




PUMA love a good event and so do we! When it comes to repping this season's best threads, it's going to be hard to beat PUMA's FC Herzogenaurach collection. This is one you have to see more of!

Liverpool FC X '47

The Scousers are a proud bunch aren't they? Well they've got plenty to be proud of with this lot. Mixing street tradition and style has created Liverpool's X '47 collection and we're big fans!

NikeLab Stone X Collection

The big swoosh are onto a winner here! The Stone X collection will surely be buzzing past you regularly, we know these aren't going to stay on the shelves for long! See why now!


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Kit Room

Mizuno Morelia Neo II

PUMA evoPOWER Vigor 1 Camo

evoSPEED 17.SL

The Mizuno Morelia Neo silo stretches into a sixth year as the Japanese brand kick off 2017 with a "Mazarine Blue" colour update on their second-generation boot. The original Morelia Neo silo was launched in 2011 and has remained relatively untouched since then.

First blood of 2017 goes to PUMA as the big cat launch their next-generation evoPOWER in typical Camo style. The evoPOWER Vigor 1 Camo marks a new era for the silo and is dressed in a limited edition wrap ahead of the launch colourway following later this month.

PUMA roll out a second colourway on the evoSPEED 17.SL as the new-generation lightweight boot receives a bold "True Blue" wrap, offering a more reserved alternative to the bright "Safety Yellow" launch edition. Another winner in our books!

Editor's Pick

Acceptable Poaching

They're becoming a dying breed. In a world of Messi's, Aguero's, Ronaldo's and Guardiola's a die hard 6 yard box poaching master is a rare commodity. Step forward the little pea!

Life Of Pogba

Who doesn't have emoji's styled into their hair? I mean really... no no wait it's just Paul. Slowly winning over the critics on field, just what does a day in the life of the world's priciest player look like?

Napoleon Can't Do Right

Feared with the ball at his feet and slowly winning respect with a mic in hand. Thierry Henry has mastered most of his adventures, will stepping into coaching be his next success?

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