X Marks The Spot

The second Primeknit pairing is packaged in Black & White as adidas go back to basics visually and back to the future technologically.

The Primeknit edition of Ace and X is the pinnacle of the adidas revolution, a boot that sits at the finish line of a dramatic year of change for the brand. Everything that adidas have worked so hard for in 2015 can be seen in the X 15+ Primeknit and the success of the 'Chaos or Control' has simplified a somewhat potentially confusion situation of leaving the Predator generation behind.

The X 15+ takes on some extensive changes from the standard X’s synthetic to the PrimeKnit upper and the tongue is attached in a method nearly identical to the Primeknit 2.0 and Primeknit boost, which can couple with the adidas techfit collar to create a close fit. Ending the year strongly adidas have firmly laid down their foundations as the revolution becomes established. 

Claudio Pereira