A Legend Reborn

The definition of an icon. The game’s most recognized football boot, has been given a rare update, swaying from tradition and adding a touch of modern technology. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Adidas Copa SL. As far as limited editions go, there aren’t many better than this!

 Generations of players have worn the famous Copa Mundial season after season and quite frankly, if you don't have a battered pair of Copa Mundials somewhere in your garage, shed, wardrobe then you've not been doing football right. Shaking up the Copa game, adidas have brought the iconic boot into the 21st century with an SL edition that has been stripped back to its lightest form whilst holding onto some of the design elements that installed it as a classic.

Give a pencil to any player and ask them to draw a football boot and the chances are the vast majority of them would draw a Copa Mundial and a black and white patched football– that's the sort of influence adidas have had on this sport. The Copa Mundial was worn by some of the games most decorated players - including Franz Beckenbauer and Franco Baresi following its release in 1982. From European Cups to World Cups, the COPA Mundial was the boot, and the has received numerous homage down the years from 25th anniversary editions to this super light piece.

Dropping in limited quantities, the adidas Copa SL sees synthetic materials replace the black leather to offer a more lightweight, streamlined look and feel. Paying tribute to the original, adidas have retained the white tongue and three white stripes which contribute to a more modern look. Fear not, this isn't replacing the Copa Mundial, merely offering traditionalists a lighter alternative – consider it a summer body.

Claudio Pereira