adidas Thunderstorm Pack

Adidas love a good weather system don’t they? Hot off the heels of the Ocean Storm pack that has been floating across fields worldwide since the start of the season, the latest Thunderstorm colourway has rolled into view, and we’re prepared to get our ‘brollies and gumboots to watch this lot flash across our fields in the coming weeks!

Drawing inspiration from the dark clouds usually associated with thundery skies, the low key design offers dark tones and accents that always go down well with us! The contracted stable of adidas players might not be switching into the Thunderstorm pack just yet, they’ll likely move into the next set of colours released (watch this space...hint hint, wink wink!).

The bigger question remains whether or not adidas recently upgraded their office ‘Accuweather’ subscription, with the boot world seeing off a Dust storm, Magnetic storm, Ocean storm and now a Thunderstorm pack. Regardless though, we, along with mother nature, approve!

Claudio Pereira