Nemeziz Goes Solar Yellow

A quick glance at any of the latest Nemeziz colourways adidas have graced us with, and it's hard to ignore the noise that screams from every colourway. If you needed a vibrant 'pass me the damn ball I can do a step-over' colourway, this will be it.

The Solar Yellow vibrancy bounces off the deep black borders for a design that's really hard to miss. BUT wait! Does this mean we're getting rid of the 'Ocean Storm' pack that's currently dancing across our screens on football pitches across Europe? Well, no the Ocean Storm will remain the official player pack, for now, so don't expect to see the likes of Juan Mata or Roberto Firmino in them just yet. 

The Nemeziz has shaken up the football world a bit hasn't it? Laceless offerings are certainly 'in vogue' right now, and such is adidas confidence in the technology behind the Nemeziz that they're not even offering a laced, 17.1 version that previous colourways have come in. Hinting at the trend for future releases are we adidas?

With a design as bold and bright as Messi's purplish/red incarnation at that FIFA awards show, you best hope to be half as good as the little Argentine fella if you plan on wearing these at your Sunday league game!

Claudio Pereira