Nike Flyknit Ultra Mercurial

Well well well, Nike. We didn’t see that one coming did we? Looking for the best-kept secret of the football boot world in recent months? Step forward the new Nike Flyknit Ultra Mercurial.

Previous limited edition Nike releases have given us a sneak peek into the technology we can look forward to in upcoming releases, and the Flyknit Ultra Mercurial looks to be no different. The world cup is less than 12 months away now and we may have just been given our first glimpse into what to expect next year. It’s no secret that Nike put performance at the forefront of any design, so we can be pretty confident that the new super limited release will be as capable on the field as it is sexy off it!

Nike isn't shying away from revealing what the boot consists of, the name is literally in the title. The entire upper of the boot consists of a single piece of woven Flyknit that according to Nike will increase the ‘lockdown’ feel. The Flyknit Ultra has been woven one heck of a lot tighter than previous versions, which makes it
Like the shiny gold accents that accentuate the frankly sexy flyknit upper and plan on rushing out to go get a pair? You may need to slow your roll a tad… Nike is only making 2,500 pairs worldwide. Unless your name is Eden Hazard and you’ve been chosen to wear them exclusively for a few upcoming games, you’re going to need to be quick off the mark in finding a pair of these online.

As difficult as these may be to get your hands on, there is nothing stopping you from joining us in admiring what’s already a classic in our books. 

Claudio Pereira