PUMA has released the New York version of the ‘We are THE Arsenal’ film series, offering an insight into the passion of Gunner’s fans in the USA. 

The ‘We are THE Arsenal’ campaign draws upon Arsenal being first registered with the word “THE” within the name, a unique detail in football history. This film features Olivier Giroud, Aaron Ramsey and Peter Cech, and fans from New York who give a sense of what ‘We are THE Arsenal’ means to them. 

Hector Bellerin, who features in the film, said: "We saw the PUMA video of NYC fans watching our games early and eating breakfast with football, the fans we have in the US are fantastic, we love and appreciate their support!"

Over the next week, the final film of the series will be released that gives a broader view into the experience of Arsenal fans in London. They show the support for the Gunners lives with equal passion and commitment around the world, and the values shared by Arsenal fans are truly universal. 

Speaking about the campaign, Santi Cazorla said, “The support for Arsenal in other countries as well as England is always overwhelming.  When we see the lengths people go to to watch and support us, and the impact this has on their lives, it really inspires us to try and bring them more happiness.  These films are a nice way to recognise the importance of the supporters, and to show their knowledge and passion is the same in every continent.”

Claudio Pereira